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I just wanted to write a quick note on Intellectual Branding, a subject we will develop as the year goes on. I get asked this question a lot about how to gain mileage if innovation is the heart-beat of a company. Granted, the term innovation in itself if an abused term. Specially when used to simply recruit or plaster on a billboard, without following through with core research, patent filings, academic presence etc. However, intellectual branding in itself is not a misnomer and there are definite ways to achieve this. Case in point, PatNMarks, easiest for me to talk about since in this company, we believe in more than providing lip-service to an IP portfolio.

Our trademarks (Vaniham, Noutpam and Abha) are registered marks for our search services. Our company’s logo is also a registered mark, though arguably, it reads like Schlotsky’s. I’m thinking up a tag line, Schlotsky’s is Funny name, serious business. I’m playing with Small is fast and one other line, which I am obviously more serious about registering.

We recently filed a couple of patents having to do with ideas that David and I have been playing with for a while. We are geeks that are true to our form, so, these ideas are just based on brainwaves we had en-route reading too much Feynman and not wanting to incorporate the bottom of the pile.

We are not a manufacturing concern, so our design portfolio will always be pretty slim.

Copyrights are another domain where we have made substantial progress and have a presence in.

The point I am trying to make is that our intellectual branding is on its way, by means of the patents we file, the IP portfolio we maintain and definitely the thought process that goes into tagging each of our services. One might argue whats in a name? but, with all due respect, thinking through your products in terms of entities that you spend a bit of time adding your personal signature to, adds to the value of the brand, in itself.

An upcoming poll is whether people know what Vanihamand Noutpam stand for.

Think Big and watch for the updates in this section!



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