Over 150 companies, academic institutes and startups have chosen us.




We work with some of the best technology companies in India. By steering clear of outsourcing work and KPO, we are proud to have grown alongside Indian Engineers with brilliant equity in the Intellectual domain. We regularly work on high-technology patents in the areas of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Automation, Chemistry, Nanotechnology and Clean Energy. Added to this, our team of draftsmen has the experience to handle many things in between!.




We have assisted several leading companies with the acquisition of trademark portfolios, registration of colour marks and regular trademarks. We have also represented several clients in contentious trademark proceedings before the Registrar of Trade Marks and the Intellectual Property Appellate Board. Added to this, we have worked on numerous search and seizure raids under criminal provisions of the Trade Marks Act.




We value our small and medium inventors the most of all. Being part of a vibrant marketplace supporting startups, we are proud to support startups in India, often until they establish a global footprint with their technology and product ideas. Our best success stories are told in the establishment of powerful IP portfolios for startups, finally selling or licensing these in the US, Western Europe and other global markets.